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Learn About Our Team, Our Mission, and Why We’re the Right Choice

Who We Are

Shopify app developers since 2015 and currently have 2 apps that help merchants
grow sales called Sticky Add-to-Cart Booster PRO and Sales Rocket

Get to Know Us!

Our team is a mix of Cornell graduates, hospitality veterans, and everything in between. We're a fully remote group of people from across the world, but we all connect with the same goals in mind. Our company culture is highly entrepreneurial. Our customers are the most important to us and we like to meet you where you want to chat - video, text, phone, you name it, we are here!

Values and Diversity

We have 5 core values that we live by. These values help us strive for excellence every single day. In addition, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity. Our team (Carolina, Chandler and Deb) is diverse in age, race, and ethnicity, and we believe this perspective gives us a deeper understanding of our customer's global and ever-changing needs worldwide.


ROI Generated

We continuously innovate our products to ensure that our users get the most recent technologies and strategies to boost their return on investment.


Happy Clients

We are committed to client satisfaction and solve business challenges. Both apps have a 4.9 Rating in the Shopify App Store.


Years of Expertise

We've been building Shopify apps since October 2015 and know the ecosystem well. We understand what merchants need to succeed and grow their e-Commerce businesses with easy out of the box solutions.


What Merchants Are Saying

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Reviewed 1,270+

Very useful app with great customer support. The app is a must have for businesses that need more customizable options.

Visual Garage Inc.

Fast customer support. Thank you! App allows us to let customers add gratuity or premium add-ons to existing items.

André’s Confiserie Suisse

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