Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO

Sticky Add to Cart features enhance the customer experience and decrease cart abandonment making checkout frictionless
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What is Sticky Add to Cart Booster PRO?

A Shopify app that is one of the best UX tools to streamline your customers to the checkout process with features including a sticky add to cart icon, a quick buy button, a sticky checkout bar, and a cart slider
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO change my theme?

The app will not leave any code once removed/uninstalled. Sticky Add to Cart Booster Pro does not alter your theme in any way either.

Will Sticky Add to Cart Booster Pro work with my Facebook pixel?

Absolutely. The Sticky Add to Cart button calls the same events as the regular theme's Add to Cart button. The app doesn't add additional Facebook pixels. It will use an existing Facebook pixel if one is configured on your site.

Will Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO work with my subscription app?

Yes and no. The Sticky Checkout Bar/Button behaves the same as if the regular Checkout button was clicked so that feature is compatible. The Skip to Checkout feature cannot be used with subscriptions. The Quick Buy Button feature doesn't support subscription apps yet. Sticky Cart should link to the cart page, not checkout since subscription apps require that users go to checkout from the cart page.  

Can Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO be used with "Personalization" apps?

Any fields that might be required by a personalization app and its data will work properly. The Quick Buy Button feature will NOT show options from the personalization app though. The Skip to Checkout feature cannot be used with these apps.

Will Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO slow down my site?

No, it will not slow down your site. We take this very seriously. The app is fully optimized so that it will not make any impact on your store's page speed.  We use best practices such as caching, CDNs, and various code and speed optimizations to avoid this.

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Our Clients Love Sticky Add to Cart Booster PRO

This app is absolutely awesome! Easy to install, and with well-functioning widgets like the sidebar checkout or the sticky add-to-cart button that greatly improve the shopping experience in Shopify.

The friendly support is also excellent.
Baltic Audio
United States
One of the "Must Get" apps for Shopify! Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro will improve the overall experience of your website for users to make a purchase instantaneously. Their services is good!
AVALON® Health & Beauty
United States
I use this app for better cart conversion and for customers to quickly add products - I like the ability to customize and from my perspective the customer service is wonderful.
United States
Much easier to use than other apps. Will continue to use for conversion boosting. Great support so far!
Indiana Face Mask
United States
Best sticky add to cart bar there is. Plus the developers fix whatever you need help with and are quick. Trust me, I've sifted through like 10 sticky add to cart apps and chose this one.
Gym Bros Co™
United States
I love this app. It has made the storefront for my meal prep business run so much smoother. They also very quickly customized anything I needed and are great with communicating.
Joyfull Eats, LLC
United States
“Quick, easy, and helpful. Thank you for allowing me to increase the conversation rate on my online website”
Rumble Gun
United States
Nice app and good for conversion rate. I have been using it for a long time and this one is the best app for sticky add to cart.
This is a great app and helped me with exactly what I needed. It is easy to use and the changes look great on our website - I can already see our customers are loving the easy add to cart navigations!
Lithos Crystals
United States
I'm loving it! It has a lot of features in just one get the quick view, the sticky cart, the buy now button, just everything you need to increase conversions on your store and you can customize it. The live support chat is amazing!! They can fix any problem you have in minutes.
Mano Santa
United States
This app is great! I've used a number of different apps with similar features, but the integration into the site, functionality, and awesome service is better than any other apps I've used.
This Saves Lives
United States
A very versatile app that really adds to the out-of-the-box functionality of Shopify. Support so far has been great and I'm even seeing conversion and AOV tracking upwards
United States

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