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Bulk Discounts Now increases your average order value by encouraging shoppers to spend more money through volume discounts. With Bulk Discounts Now, you can add tiered pricing and bulk discounts to any product or collection in just a few clicks.

Unlike other discount apps, Bulk Discounts Now is compatible with pop-up carts and cart drawers (AJAX carts), Shopify’s native currency converter feature and many types of discount codes (paid plans only).
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Simple & Effective Discounts

Apply bulk and volume discounts on specific products, collections or your entire product list. Tiered pricing made simple

Increase Sales & AOV

Encourage customers to purchase multiple items, driving more sales and increasing your average order value

Quick & Seamless Install

Works out-of-the-box with pop-up carts & cart drawers (AJAX carts) and supports Shopify's native currency converter