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Why Sticky Add-to-Cart Functionality Improves User Experience

Why Sticky Add-to-Cart Functionality Improves User Experience

Improving the user experience is vital for selling products in eCommerce stores. A customer on a laptop needs an easy way to add items to their cart without having to scroll to the top of the page. This is even more important on mobile devices due to the tiny screens. Having a sticky add-to-cart button can be beneficial in cutting down the abandonment of carts due to finding where to go next.

What Is the Sticky Add to Cart Button?

A sticky add-to-cart button is perhaps one of the best ways to enhance the customer experience on your Shopify store. It is a design element that allows you to keep the "add to cart" button visible even as your visitor scrolls around on the site to various areas. As a result, can instantly add your products to the cart even as they are browsing the page. Then, when they are ready to checkout, shoppers can move on with the purchasing process with an easy-to-find cart.

The add to cart button remains fixed on the right side of the screen, no matter what the user does on the page.

Why should you use a sticky add-to-cart button like this?

There's no reason not to use it, but a clear value to doing so. It's one of the easiest ways to improve conversions on your Shopify store if your customers are using mobile devices to make purchases.

In testing, sticky add-to-cart buttons helped to generate 7.9% more completed orders. That means more revenue to your bottom line. For many eCommerce stores, it's vital to capture as many sales out of the traffic you are driving to the store, especially if it's through paid media.

Why Sticky Add-to-Cart Functionality Contributes to Your Brand's Satisfaction

Satisfied customers buy, tell their friends, and come back. So does a sticky add-to-cart feature matter in maximizing sales and reducing cart abandonment?

Eliminate steps in buying products on your eCommerce store

On desktop versions of your store, customers need to be able to gather information quickly. As they scroll, they pick up on the key features, see the price, and learn about the product. When that button is present, even as they scroll, they can quickly and easily add that product to their shopping cart. They do not have to scroll up to find the page.

Most importantly, you're eliminating a jumping-off point in the sales process. It's one less step the user has to take to buy.

Supports mobile-friendly purchases

Support mobile friendly purchases example

How many of those smartphone users are making purchases on their devices, though? A PEW Research study found that 76% of U.S. adults use their mobile phones to make purchases. More specifically, 92% of people aged 30 to 49 are doing so.

If your customers are within this demographic, chances are high that they are using smartphones to make mobile purchases. Capturing these purchases is dependent on how well your store functions on a smartphone.

Adding mobile-friendly features like this to your site will enhance your ability to meet the needs of your customers. When you optimize the site like this, with simple design elements like sticky add to cart and quick buy buttons, you're making it easier for people to buy from your Shopify store.

Builds repeat customers

At the same time, you're building loyalty and trust with your store so shoppers become repeat purchasers. The next time they need to buy that product or future products, they know the process is simple and straightforward with your store. That makes the shopping experience customer forward where you are more likely to get repeat customers, and your brand will score some much-needed boosts.

Reduces cart abandonment rates

Another core benefit is that having this feature helps minimize the risk of cart abandonment. Customers will always know where to go to checkout with low friction and multiple clicks.

Is a Sticky Add to Cart Button Right for You?

How do you know if this is an investment worthwhile to your site? Before you dive in and try to determine how well a sticky add-to-cart button could work for you, consider a few tips:

  1. Do some user testing on your site. Ask your users if they find your site easy to use. Find out what their specific pain points are and ask about friction points in reaching the cart page.
  2. Do some analytics work. You can complete an A/B test that helps you to determine if the use of this feature would enhance customer experiences. You may find your website is so clean and easy to use that it's not necessary.
  3. Use a heatmap tool to help you see where your customers are leaving your page. If they are getting down to the middle to the lower area of the page and then exiting, that could indicate the user journey can use some help to encourage shoppers to stick around.

Here's the good news. Adding sticky add-to-cart functionality is a simple way to add a better UX experience to your site that is low friction, low cost, and easy to implement. Start your free 14-Day trial today using Sticky Add to Cart Booster Pro. Available on the Shopify app store.

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September 5, 2023