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Using Sticky Add-to-Cart Functionality on Your Shopify Store

Using Sticky Add-to-Cart Functionality on Your Shopify Store

Sticky Add to Cart functionality is a great way to help customers quickly purchase products on your Shopify store. With Sticky Add to Cart functionality, customers can add items to their cart on any page within your store, or even directly from product pages. This will help to make the checkout process faster and easier for customers, while also increasing conversion rates on your store. It's a win-win all around.

Using the Quick Buy Feature

A Quick Buy feature can also be used in tandem with Sticky Add to Cart functionality. This feature will enable customers to quickly purchase items on collection pages without having to click through to a product page or add items to their cart. The Quick Buy feature can be enabled easily on your Shopify store without the need for developer resources.

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Using Upsells and Cross-Sell

Another great way to make use of Sticky Add to Cart is by taking advantage of upsells and cross-sells. Upsells and cross-sells allow you to suggest additional items or services to customers while they are in the process of purchasing a product. These suggested items can be shown as a Sticky Add To Cart option on the product page, and when a customer clicks it they will be able to quickly add these items to their cart as well.

Making Use of Cart Note

Finally, a great way to make use of Sticky Add to Cart is by taking advantage of Cart Note. Cart Note allows customers to add notes to their cart that will appear during the checkout process. This is great for customers who want to give special instructions or ask questions about their order. Cart Note can be enabled through the Shopify dashboard, and it will appear as an option on the checkout page.

To Sum it All Up

As customer demands grow for online shopping, merchants need to stay up-to-date on the latest offerings for personalization and the best UX/UI experience to offer shoppers. People's time is limited and with so many choices available today, stores need to give customers what they want right in front of their faces. The risk of cart abandonment and losing the opportunity to win that customer over can happen within a matter of seconds. By making use of Sticky Add to Cart, Quick Buy, upsells and cross-sells, and Cart Note, merchants can streamline the checkout process and increase conversion rates on the eCommerce shopping experience.

Sticky Add to Cart Booster Pro

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Sticky Add to Cart Booster Pro
September 5, 2023