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Benefits of Using Countdown Timers on your Shopify Store

Benefits of Using Countdown Timers on your Shopify Store

The Benefits of Using Countdown Timers on your Shopify Store

There's no guarantee your customers will buy your products when they click on your Shopify store. It's one thing to drive the traffic to your store and another thing to ensure they become customers who purchase your products. It would help if you had an on-page strategy to ensure your customers buy your products, and that's where countdown timers can transform your business.

Countdown timers are one of the best methods to boost sales by creating urgency on the product page.

What Is a Countdown Timer?

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A countdown timer is a clock that counts down to an action - usually a time—which could be the end of an offer or the amount of stock left. Typically, websites use countdown timers on product or landing pages to convey that 'time is running out.'

Many Shopify stores use countdown timers to boost sales, promote an offer, keep people interested, and encourage shoppers to return to complete their purchases. Sales countdown timers increase sales by 50%, so they're superb conversion boosters for your store.

The Benefits of Using Countdown Timers

1. You'll Create a Sense of Urgency

One of the main benefits of countdown timers is creating a feeling of urgency. It's a superb way to push shoppers into making a quick decision that may fall in your favor. Although companies use various marketing tactics to build a feeling of urgency—a countdown timer is one of the most effective.

2. You'll Highlight a Product

When a customer is browsing through your store, you need to catch their attention before they get distracted and decide to log in to their Netflix account. Using a countdown timer on a product is one of the best ways to highlight a product before a customer loses interest in buying your products.

3. You'll Build Scarcity

If your customer likes your product and sees a stock countdown timer—they'll often complete the purchase due to a feeling of scarcity. Researchers Adewole, Worchel, and Lee found that scarcity dramatically alters human perception in a 1975 study. It dramatically increases the instinct to complete the purchase.

4. You'll Boost Customer Curiosity

What makes humans curious? There are many things, but witnessing something they haven't seen always generates curiosity. You can make your customers feel extremely curious by creating a unique ad and adding a countdown timer.

The Best Countdown Timer Practices

  1. Use an end-of-sale timer: An end-of-sale timer is one of the ways to push a sale through; it creates a strong feeling of urgency.

  2. Next-day delivery timer: Customers often love a product if they receive it the next day, and that's why a next-day delivery timer is an excellent choice.

  3. A stock timer: If customers see other people buying the product and how much stock remains, it can drive a strong sense of urgency and curiosity.

  4. Emails: Countdown timers on emails can be an excellent way to bring back customers with abandoned carts. The countdown timer can show the time left to make the purchase.
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How To Create Sales Countdown Timers

The best way is to use third-party Shopify apps to generate a countdown timer on your Shopify store. An excellent third-party app will offer:

  • A countdown timer on product pages and landing pages
  • An animated add to cart
  • A get-it-by timer
  • Stock countdown
  • Preorders
  • A shipping bar
  • Social media integration

Final Thoughts

eCommerce stores are using many tactics to drive sales in 2022. Countdown timers are a way to drive urgency, scarcity, and ultimately sales.

Countdown timers are incredible conversion boosters that can transform your entire Shopify store.

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