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5 Reasons Why You Should Add A Sticky Add-To-Cart To Your Shopify Store

5 Reasons Why You Should Add A Sticky Add-To-Cart To Your Shopify Store

Do you ever notice that when you’re online shopping, there’s sometimes a small “add to cart” button that follows you down the page? It’s not the most noticeable sometimes, but when you do notice it, it’s usually because you conveniently need it. That, my friend, is called a sticky add-to-cart icon.

In more professional terms, a sticky add-to-cart is a button in eCommerce stores that moves up and down the page in sync with customers scrolling through your store. Sometimes it’s at the top, sometimes the bottom, and sometimes the side. Regardless of its precise location, it’s always there to give customers an easy way to checkout with low friction.

The sticky add-to-cart is actually super easy to implement on any Shopify store, and comes with lots of good-for-your-business upsides. Read on to learn the 5 reasons why you should add it to your site if you don’t already, along with a few IRL examples to inspire you.

1. A Sticky Add-To-Cart Enhances the User Experience

Think about it for a second: when you’re in a physical store, you’re always carrying your shopping cart around with you. You don’t return all the way to the front of the store and leave an item at checkout each and every time you find something you want to buy. Similarly, you always want to keep tabs on “what’s in your cart.” The same goes for shopping online.

Any small blip or disruption in a user’s shopping journey can lead them to simply turn away. This includes needing to open a new tab to see product info or to add something to your digital shopping cart. It also includes clicking through to a new page simply to see all that’s in your shopping cart. 

A sticky add-to-cart, however, makes both the shopping and checkout experiences simple and easy. 

2. With a Sticky Add-To-Cart, the CTA Is Always There

The point of any eCommerce website is, obviously, to sell things on said website. This is only possible with a clear CTA, or “call to action.” Usually, CTAs are typically visible as a shop button that says “add to cart” or “shop now.” A sticky add-to-cart, however, is almost like another CTA—it’s both a constant reminder that the customer should be making a purchase and also a literal extra opportunity for a customer to make a purchase. 

Unlike having too many CTA buttons, though (which can often feel a little bit like clickbait), sticky add-to-carts are subtle. They’re there for the customer as needed, but they’re not pushing the customer to buy in an obnoxious, tacky way. 

3. They Reduce Abandoned Cart Rates and Increase Conversions

Since sticky add-to-carts make shopping easier and more seamless, fewer people are likely to churn and leave their carts behind. Fewer abandoned carts, on the flip side, means more conversions. This is not just good news for your Head of Ecomm, but also good for sales and your bottom line.

4. A Sticky Add-To-Cart Means More Sales

This reason is pretty straightforward: since fewer customers are abandoning their carts and since conversions are higher, sales are also higher. It’s just basic math.

However, this calculation doesn’t even include the impact of an improved customer experience. An improved customer experience means improved customer satisfaction, which often leads to more loyal customers (higher customer lifetime value). This, in turn, leads to more and more sales—particularly over time.

5. A Sticky Add-To-Cart Increases Revenue

Now all of these benefits combined? Higher revenue for you and your eCommerce business. (We already mentioned that a sticky add-to-cart would make your Head of Ecomm pretty happy, but your CFO will be pretty stoked, too.) 

Now let’s take a look at some of these benefits in action. 

Examples of a Sticky Add-to-Cart in Action

First, let’s look at Glam Game Beauty, an eCommerce retailer selling makeup products and more. On Glam Game Beauty’s site, the sticky add-to-cart is visible as a small quick-buy button hovering over each individual product in the collection while scrolling down the product catalog. Now why is this great? It makes shopping at this Shopify store so much easier. The sticky add-to-cart quick-buy button serves as a constant CTA, literally— you can add any product, or multiple products, quickly with one click. You can even browse different color options by clicking this button. Even better, you can do all this without ever leaving the page or opening a new tab. Now talk about a seamless customer experience. 

Glam Game Beauty Example Image

For another example, let’s look at Dittyroo!, an eCommerce fashion retailer. Similar to Glam Game Beauty, Dittryroo! has sticky add-to-cart quick-buy buttons on every product across their collection. With these buttons, you’re also able to browse and select different color and sizing options without ever having to go to a new page. 

Dittyroo! Example Image

However, Dittyroo! also has a classic sticky add-to-cart icon always visible on the right-hand side of the page. No matter how far down a customer scrolls, this sticky cart remains hovering on the right side of the screen, ready to be swept away (we mean towards checkout) with one simple click. Whenever the customer is ready to buy, the sticky add-to-cart is ready to fast-track you to make the purchase without any additional distractions.

For the sake of one final example, let’s look at Power Bend, an eCommerce retailer selling compression bands for athletes. Different from Glam Game Beauty and Dittyroo!, Power Bend actually utilizes a unique sticky add-to-cart bar at the bottom of every PDP (product page). This sticky add-to-cart bar is extremely convenient for customers scrolling the PDP in an attempt to learn more. Why? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Power Band Example Image

Let’s say you’re a customer and you scroll down to the customer reviews section of the PDP. After reading the reviews, you’re convinced to buy. However, you don’t need to scroll allll the way back up to add the band to your shopping cart. Instead, with the sticky add-to-cart bar at the bottom, you can add it without a single scroll. Again, the sticky add-to-cart fast tracks you to making the purchase without any extra steps.

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October 4, 2023